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Because there's no substitute for experience



Dr Ben Coyle is one of the UK's most experienced aesthetic doctors.  He is also a GP and prehospital emergency doctor and has been performing aesthetic treatments for over 19 years.  He's not chased fame on social media, preferring an unassuming approach in keeping with the ethos of his profession, and recommendations form the bulk of his large database of happy patients.   Now more than ever it's vital to choose a qualified medical practitioner for your treatment - and even then not many have Dr Ben's experience or approach.

He is renowned for always creating natural-looking results, and also for saying 'no' when appropriate.  Principles and decency matter to him.

As does integrity -  when you come for a consultation you will get clarity and understanding of what options are available to you, and you won't ever be recommended a treatment that just doesn't work or will disappoint.  

If you're going to trust someone to treat your face, choose unrivalled experience.  Choose a doctor. Choose principles and integrity.  Choose Dr Ben Coyle..


Alexandra, Warks

I'm 51 and was looking for a professional and highly experienced aesthetics doctor to offer me some natural-looking wrinkle help!  After talking to Dr Ben about my expectations, I was glad to learn that he had ethical boundaries and wasn't just after my money.  I pointed out the areas I was unhappy with and why, and in some depth he gave me reasons why certain things should NOT be done.  I trust him with my face, I trust him with his advice.  I highly recommend Dr Ben.  Moral of the story - don't believe everything you see on TikTok and do your research.

Quality Assured

British College Aesthetic Medicine Doctor
General Medical Council registered
Medical Defence Union
Aesthetics Complications Expert Group Regional Expert
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Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners, JCCP
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