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Aesthetic Concerns

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The image above is designed as a quick guide to help you see what treatments are most helpful for the areas that bother you - for instance skinboosters are especially useful for the crepiness/laxity in the lower cheek seen when smiling.  It is not absolute - skinboosters are also especially good with forehead lines, for instance,  Other options exist in the areas shown but this is intended to be a starting point.

Volume loss

As we age we lose bony volume, skin elasticity, and the fat under our facial skin migrates downwards with gravity - causing hollowing under the eyes, in the cheeks and leaving lines between the nose and mouth, and also at the corners of the mouth.  These changes can make us look tired and/or grumpy.  Fillers are a great treatment for all of the above, and skinboosters and good products play an important role also.


The jawline is where downward-migrating fat ultimately ends up, creating 'jowls'.  There are different treatment options here, ranging from face-lift surgery (not performed here!) to a 'neck lift' using botulinum toxin injections rather than surgery.  The latter can be highly effective, especially when combined with some facial filler.

Facial remodelling

Whether it's the overall shape of your face, the jawline, your nose, sallow sunken cheeks, a dimpled or wrinkly chin or lips that are too thin for your liking, the face and the shape of structures can be subtly altered with fillers and other injections, either combined or used separately.  It is vital to have a thorough consultation first to establish your concern and expectations.

Crepey Skin/Fine lines

With loss of elasticity and skin volume, exacerbated by sun damage, skin can become crepey leading to really fine lines, a dull appearance and sometimes even mild looseness.  Skinboosters and profhilo excel here, fillers and good quality products can also be of help.

Sad smile/tired look

Sometimes the corners of the mouth can be downturned creating a resting 'sad smile'; often with this there is volume loss in the area around the mouth and fillers are an excellent solution here.  Injections of toxins can be used at the corners of the mouth and a skin booster can help give a fresher appearance overall.  


Many people are deficient in essential nutrients and this can especially affect those on restricted diets such as vegans and vegetarians, as some vitamins such as B12 are not found in vegetables.  This can lead to tiredness.  Vitamin B12 injections can be especially effective for these people, and even those with no known deficiency report having more energy, better focus, and improved wellbeing.

Thinning lips

With time lips lose natural volume - lip fillers are designed to restore the lost volume, and when done well in the right hands, the result is natural-looking and not the obvious, awful appearance that puts so many off this treatment.    

In addition, botulinum toxins can be used around the lips to give a 'lip flip' - more of the pink of the lip is revealed creating the appearance of fuller lips without filler.

Skin quality/Sun damage

Sun damage and time can leave the skin looking dull, pigmented, tired, crepey and of poorer quality overall.  Treatment here really begins with quality products to prevent further damage and reverse some of the existing changes; skinboosters and/or profhilo can have a significant impact on appearance and quality of skin also.


It is not possible to deal with all concerns here.  For e.g. dark under eye circles are a big concern for some, others want overall rejuvenation.  Polynucleotides or boosters may be appropriate.  Consultations at the clinic are designed to go through options with you after a full assessment of your medical history, your concerns, taking into account the kind of results you want, your experiences to-date and of course cost concerns.

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