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Skincare Concierge Service

This is the first of two really exciting developments to tell you about. As part of your consultation or treatment with me, I'm now offering a complimentary personalised, medical-grade skincare plan to take home with you after your visit and a concierge service where products are delivered to you beautifully packaged, with support to make restocking, questions, concerns or advice quick and easy.

More and more I feel like one of the most important things I can offer is to be the filter between you and the vast number of skincare products, possibe treatments and the overwhelming amount of information that is out there. It can be very difficult to know what and who to believe - every product and treatment I have come across in the last 20 years hails itself as the best - they clearly can't all be (and the truth is most of them are equally as ineffective as each other).

I do the research and the hard work so you don't need to. I am brand-agnostic when it comes to products - I will offer only what I know will work for you.

If I had my way, most of you would be on only two products a day, and no-one would use mositurisers as you wouldn't need to! So, if you want to simplify your own routine, see amazing change to the qaulity of your skin, and end the confusion about what to use or avoid, book in to see me now.

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