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Shocking national report: beware non-medical practitioners and social media!

A damning report by Save Face, shared with ITV and forwarded to the Government, has raised serious and urgent concerns about life-threatening complications of treatments that are performed by non-medical practitioners in the UK.

The Non-surgical BBL &Breast Augmentation Complaints and Complications Report, December 2023, has uncovered some frightening statistics:

·      In the last 12 months, over 50% of cases reported have resulted in severe and life- threatening complications.

·      96% of patients’ complications treated by the NHS, 87% in hospital.

·      100% of treatments were carried out by non-healthcare practitioners (‘aestheticians’ etc)

·      98% of complications were misdiagnosed by the non-healthcare practitioner as swelling/bruising.

·      82% of patients were blocked/ignored by the practitioner after complaining.

·      97% of patients found their practitioner on social media


The report’s conclusion states ‘96% of patients have been forced to access NHS services when things have gone wrong because the people who administered the treatments have been unable or unwilling to manage the complications… there is an ever-increasing number of unscrupulous practitioners offering (these treatments) who prioritise profit over safety.  This is a crisis waiting to happen.  We are calling on the Government to take immediate action.’

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